duminică, 29 aprilie 2018

Hearts in motion

It's dark.
I run towards the ocean and as I dive I feel the thirst of my skin.
A thirst of the salty cold water and the thirst of my being to swim far away into the dark waves.
I swim in a hurry, I hear my breath, I deligh in my breath as if it were not mine, a breath of tiredness and pleasure.
I did not realize my thirst before diving and it was the same with you.

From the moment we spoke you reminded me of passed loves. But not the ones I ran after out of fear of aloneness, but the ones that just bloomed in the most unexpected moments with the most unexpected people. The ones I just woke up in the middle of them like waking up drunk in the middle of a garden of roses.
Like evanescent waves none of them lasted much, they were all in trasitional places, in transitional times, but they crazily bloomed because of the imminent death that was coming, our lives simply were not going the same way.

From the moment you said you love to love that was it. It was a point of no return.
I started to search for where you were in every space we were sharing. I started to observe and love how I breathe deeply after a charged moment just because you noticed it and told me about it, I guess I started to love bits of me just because you had time to notice. And for this I am grateful.
I am grateful for the many moments we shared in silence. I felt like disolving in the hug by the ocean and I felt like melting in the play of our hands.

I remembered how love pours from me when meeting brave hearted rebels. The kind of rebelion that transforms me into nourishing soil for the aching heart. At first I feel like a frightened mother that feels the suffering of her child and wants to keep him to her chest to protect him from harm, but then I always remember that I do not want to take away the expansion of the heart. Rebelion becomes the thing that I love and appreciate.

It takes a rebel heart to accept the forms of love to come into our lives and touch us deeply and share with us their marvels.
It takes a rebel heart to allow them to dissolve so new forms may emerge and enchant us.
I turn inside to my waters, to my salty ocean of uncried tears and as death unfolds I share it's poetry and fragrance.

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